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Originally Posted by Grim83 View Post
going to add you to my road trip, i want to go cross country so i can lift at the big gyms, like the pit, semi-original golds, westside, lancaster strongmen , and a few others.
Well, if you come to Columbus you can hit WSBB, EFTS, and us (not in the same league) all in one stop

Originally Posted by Grim83 View Post
as for sandbags, heres a similar idea i had and used, i took this old sturdy back pack i've got and cant destroy, even with 80-100ibs in it lol, and just throw some plates inside then start doing a bunch of these odd lifts
Sturdy backpack is great, but trust me you don't want to be swinging around a bag full of iron plates... they used to call that a "mace" in the crusades, and it killed people a 50lb bag of sand from Lowes is all of $4... just go grab that. As an added bonus, if you get a good weighted backpack like that you can throw it on (as god intended) and take a nice long walk.
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