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Woke up still pretty sore, and was worried a bit, but once I got into the day, I felt a lot better, thankfully. Going to make sure I stick to 48 hours between sessions though! No late Mondays and early Wednesdays for sure.


Push Press to 125, no trouble. Will go for extra reps next wed.

Cleans to 115 also no trouble, but I learned in my reading (Rippitoe's Starting Strength, excerps on web for now, I'm ordering the book) that the only thing I do really wrong is the way I catch the bar. I just turn my wrists over and catch it in my palms and on my shoulders at the same time, like it was in pressing position. I also don't actually touch my shirt with the bar or rub my shins on the way up, but I do hold the bar pretty close to my body the whole way. I going to do more research into that, but for now, it's working, so we'll let that be for the moment.

Goblet Squats to 80DB, which really was no trouble at all, I'm going to do this exact routine Friday, then switch over to the bar starting Monday. How well I feel on Friday will tell me what to ramp up to on Monday. I'm thinking 115, but we'll see. I think this is still being cautious, since I started out pretty low. I'll bet I could do a set of 185 right now, but I'll wait because I know I'll get up there pretty quickly once I get into the months ahead.

BTW, I don't have to worry about my knees. When I turn my toes out, my knees automatically turn out with them. I actually have to turn my whole leg to get my toes pointed out to begin with.

I also did a set of stiff deadlifts 1x10 at 135 before I remembered I don't have to do them today. No trouble though as that is an easy weight, I'm definitly raising it next week. Frankly, I wish there were more deadlifts in this program, though. I love deadlifting. I'll mull that over, maybe junk the T rows and deadlift instead. But maybe once the cleans start going up in weight, I won't be missing deadlifts so much. We'll see. No changes in the program for at least a few months, anyway.

Pullups: 5 first set, 4 second, watched clock two minute rest between.
Chinups: 5 first set, 5 second, really struggled on that last one.
Lats 1x10 with setting 10, whatever that means.

So, good day all in all.
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