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Excellent Day!

Cleans to 105 were no trouble until the very last one, when I got distracted thinking of maybe doing an extra one or two, so of course I yanked instead of being smooth and tweaked an elbow. Stopped immediately. No worries though, I did the same thing the first time I ever did cleans and it was just sore a day or two. Not worried about Wednesday. Lesson learned. Again.

Then Bench, I did 185 7 times on the last set which surprised me. In the past I have always just lifted at a medium pace, but this time starting with such low weights, I really concentrated on being slow coming down and explode up, so I figured I might be tired on last set. Not so. Could probably have done 8, but I was squirming on 7 and din't have a spotter handy, so figured better to wait. Went ahead and did a set of 10 with 165 to finish though.

Stiff legged deadlifts 1x10 at 135 were no trouble at all, I really should raise that weight, but I will wait to make sure.

However, the big news is I solved my Squat problem! It was so simple! I was dreading squats completely as I suck at them, but it turns out it was my mechanics much more than not being very flexible, although that didn't help.

I'm pigeon toed, so I always made a point of keeping my feet dead straight and perfectly under my shoulders as I thought that was a keeping a solid base and not going over my toes to much so I protect my knee joints, etc. Well, as I squat keeping my back arched as I was told, all that does is make me fall backwards, so I lean forward with my shoulders to stay balanced, but if I get low, then I'm using my low back to get back up which is bad, and of course it made the top of my thighs burn like hell. So, I hated squats and would hardly ever do them. And I saw video and people squatting with their feet turned out, but I just assumed that's the way they hold their feet. Being pigeon toed is not really common, so I figured that's what they did for their bodies.

Well, I started off doing body wieght squats today with a wide stance and that helped, but as I got past 90 degrees I immediately started falling backward and had to round my shoulders, practically grabbing my knees to keep from falling backward, no chance this was the right way to squat, so beyond frustrated, I asked the guy next to me how to squat. He said stand wider and turn your feet out. I told him I was pieon toed, but he said that doesn't matter, you have to do it. Well, that feels weird to me, not painful or anything, just weird. Well, that was the solution all along.

I could immediately go right down almost to my butt on my calves with perfect balance and no pain whatsoever, back, quads, ankle, nothing hurt. And I was able to push from my heels, not flat footed, which was another problem of my earlier form.

I literally ran the rack with goblet squats, went from 20 up to 60 DB 5x5, my shoulders were sore by then, but my legs felt great, so I went and did the bar. I did front squats with the bar, which I had never been able to do, but they made my wrists hurt, so then just for fun did 5 reps with 95 and 5 more with 105. No pain in my back whatsoever!! My legs felt huge, but no pain at all. I'm certain with more time doing this stretching, etc., I will be able to go even lower and start jacking some weights up without dread.

Now, the only thing that does worry me a bit is my hip flexors felt like they were on fire by the end of this. I stopped because of them more than anything else. Not bad pain really, but sore as hell for sure. Walked it off on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and they are fine now, so it can't be too serious hopefully.

Another thing is I was not very tired at the end of all this. I definitely felt plenty worked out, but not tired at all. Doing my four day split, I often felt wiped out and loafed the rest of the day, but after this workout, my son and I went to the park and played, no trouble at all.

Valsalva, thanks for the tip about fat and I will read that article next chance I get, but perhaps I should explain my earlier comment better. I'm 5' 8'' and 188, hardly svelte yet. I still have fat to burn to be sure. I actually don't really care what I weigh as long as my pants fit. That's more what I meant. It's not like I look like Rocky IV, and want to get stronger but don't want to go back to looking like Rocky I. I'm more like Copland now and don't want to get any closer to being Norm which is what I used to look like. Preferably maybe even losing a bit more fat, but that's on hold for now depending on how this program plays out.

Thanks for the diet tips BtB, that's helpful. I think it will take a bit for me to see what is going on in order to balance my diet to this new program. But, general rules of thumb are helpful.

Anyway, long post and I gotta go, but what a great day!
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