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Default Martin Berry

The routine above this post is my routine. I threw this twist in on an already great routine but I left out my Ab workout that I do everyday I do resistance training:

Weighted leg raise with hip role
Superset with
Role outs with the Ab wheel
4 X 25

Incline Set-ups with decending weight pattern
Set 1 65lb (DB) 10 reps / No rest
55lb (DB) 10 reps / No rest
45lb (DB) 10 reps / No rest
35lb (DB) 10 reps/ No rest
No weight burn out!
(Do 2 sets)
Cable twists
Low cable 3 sets at 40lbs
Eye Level cable 3 set 40lbs
High cable 3 set 40lbs
Side bends on hyperextension chair
3 set 25
Finish up with "Cork Screws"
3 set 25 with 25lb plate.

I do this routine with every weight training day and sometimes I'll even do it on one of the two cardio days...Depending on how I feel, I am 45 years old.
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