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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I am trying to figure out my true squat position and that picture shocked me!

I have always just rested the bar on my shoulders with my arms barely doing anything. Then collapsed like a folding chair and scrambled to get back up. I never really worried about form because I assumed whatever my body wanted to do was correct and as long as I didn't hurt myself, I was successful.

Now as I'm looking to progress at this merciless discipline, it seems some serious technique is important.

I'm realizing a wider stance is better for me as I can go lower with no ill effects to my bad ankle. I also read on another thread where a strong grip will help, and I'm going to try for that hip drive thing out of the hole, but we'll see on that as I go along.

BUT that picture showed a guy kind of flexing backward to hold the bar tight behind his shoulders?!? That seems like crazy talk to me. Granted I'm used to cheating squats like they're a modified good morning, but having the weight behind me? No chance of that, or is there? Do I need to work on flexibility?

I can't even squat down on my haunches normally, so obviously I do somewhat, but that much? I saw that picture in the ATG versus whatever thread, and I thought to myself, look at all those asians rounding their backs on the squat, while at least those cadet criminals had straight backs.

Bottom line is my "normal" squat has my chest on my knees and I unfold like an accordian, but as the weights go up, it's too hard on my low back, so I'm trying to go back to basics to figure this out.

Point me in a good direction to get started on finding better form, please.
Mike, from your description it sounds like your hamstrings and glutes are really tight. It will take a while to stretch them out to be able to squat with full depth and properly. I have my folks here start with goblet squats. These will do two things. 1. help you work on good form, yes it will translate over to bar squats. 2. work on deepening your squat depth.

If Squats are "too hard on my low back," your form is way off. You risk hurting yourself. Work on these a few weeks and then go back to an empty bar and see if both depth and form have not imroved.

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