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Originally Posted by Isaku900 View Post
This is generally because most of the *great* 242ers are like 5'7-5'8" 242.

As you optimize your leverages (gain weight to powerlifting proportionate height) they start to favor your squat/bench more than your deadlift.

Louie Simmons is famous for saying gain weight until your deadlift starts going down, then drop to the weight class below that, that's your "ideal" weight class.

Plus, raw or geared you can build a better total with two good lifts, rather than one good lift.
You are correct sir. I guess it's easier to be a full power guy with more consistent numbers across the board at 220 or even 198? Just judging from some of the guys out there like Celli, Ricks, Haggett, Belyaev. It just seems like 242 is a weird class because as you stated most of the guys are very firepluggy and the taller guys end up at 275 or so.
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