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TheRock is off to a bad start
Default Benchin

Good news/bad news day. Bench style

Pause Bench
315x4, only paused last rep
335x3@9, all paused ass stayed down but form sucked and was double pumpish after the first rep which was fine. Not happy with my lack of tightness, foot position is better where I got it, the racks down in Tally where I worked out are real far back which makes it difficult to unrack and I didn't have a lift, so that didn't help. It's a PR but I'm not very happy with it.

Chest Supported Rows
5x5 started at 1 plate ended at 5 plates

High to low Cable Cross Overs on a Free Motion Machine

V Bar pushdown

Done. 45 mins. I hope to duplicate the 335x3 pause next week with better form. No taping today because I left my charger in GA and need a phone for the ride home. Guess you guys will just have to take my word for the ugliness. I know it's a stretch.
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