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For a sandbag, I would try the following circuit:

-10 sandbag clean and jerk/throw (think ballistic press, but launch it, don't hold it. Make sure each setup off the ground is solid, you don't want to accelerate a weight off the ground with poor lower back position/tightness).
-10 shoulder sandbag, jump squat (again, let the sangbag launch off your shoulder and start each rep from the ground)
- 10 sandbag shuttles (I use 100' runs). pick up the sandbag (any way) run 100', drop it, run back to the start, run back to the sandbag, pick it up (any way), run back to the start, drop it, run to the finish and back, grab the sandbag... you get the picture. It should end up with 100' of running the bag, and 200' of running without.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Good for developing stamina and explosive power. sandbags are a great learning tool for explosive lifts because you can screw up and drop them on yourself and they don't hurt (trust me, a 160lb sandbag will let you know it is there, but not like a 160lb metal bar
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