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ski says:
What is wrong with your reading comprehension? I have been talking about nothing but raw lifting this entire thread. ALL OF MY LIFTS ARE DONE RAW.

TBG says:

My reading comprehension is fine. How do you rate your writing skills? Please point out where in your post you qualified your total as RAW? Or was I to assume?

Anyway, I don't know if it's a bit of false modesty on your part, but that total does make you a bit "gifted". Of course, you're silent on the tested part and I don't really care one way or another...we all deserve our privacy. Notwithstanding your opinion and what "you've seen", the MEET RESULTS don't back it up. I say the lower numbers are more accurate for a lifetime drug free RAW lifter and I think meet results support that.

And, like I've pretty much said before (and it happens to be my personal beef with powerlifting in general), given the number of feds, tested/untested, rules, type of gear permitted, etc., there are too many variables to qualify ANY lift except WITHIN THAT FED. THERE ARE TOO MANY VARIABLES and therefore, I don't think the OP will ever get a real answer to the question that I myself was wondering probably 10 years ago! In contrast, our closest "cousin", oly weight lifting - how many variables exist to qualify one athlete from another? NONE. I'm a bit off on a tangent/rant here I understand, but it does pertain to OP.

What I have learned long ago is that powerlifting is a solitary sport where you compete against yourself. Anyway, very nice total. What were the individual lift results for that total?

Ski says:
You're right, I wasn't explicit about lifting raw. Within the context of comparing my lifts to the raw elite classifications, I thought it was clear.

I know I'm strong, but I don't think I'm a freak 242er like Kirk Karwoski or Larry Pacifico. I work very hard for the gains that I make. \

I agree. I support the current movement towards raw lifting and efforts at consolidation like the Raw Unity Meet.

I will say that I think you might be overemphasizing the importance of drug testing. I can't cite statistics for obvious reasons, but based on my experiences and conversations with other lifters and coaches, I doubt very many of the top drug-tested athletes in the world are competing without use of some kind of banned substance. Especially athletes that compete in sports where strength and power are important factors.

Thanks. It was 655/415/675, but I did it in my gym, so take that with an appropriate amount of skepticism. I was training for bodybuilding at the time. However, I'm doing the Raw Unity Meet in January and plan to beat all of those numbers
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