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Originally Posted by MuscleandBrawn View Post
I think my budget will allow $50 per contest, up to 2 per year, per competitor.

I know this isn't a full sponsorship, but It's all I can do right now. How do you guys feel about this?

I would also like to re-state that I am not doing this for publicity. I'm doing it to help the competitors on this site out, and cover some of the cost. I wouldn't expect anything in return.

This site isn't about money for me. It's about lifting. If I'm going to grow it, I'll do it with the priority of helping people first and foremost.
You should be doing it for publicity... at least in part.

I train with the Ohio state chair for NAS, and I know we are always looking for people to help sponsor competitions. Even if they donate stuff for the swag bags, or throw a couple bucks towards getting their names on the competition t-shirts. If you would like, I'll be more than happy to pass your name on to the few guys I know that promote competitions in the region.

I go through enough of this stuff that the local tractor supply thinks I have horses

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