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So, I am linking my journal over here, my basics are 5'10.5 220 405(bit of a sandbag I'm good for more)/345(ditto no passable form on video of higher lifts)/545. I don't count lifts unless and until I get them on video and approved by people whose opinions I value. I have a youtube page but when I tried to embed and/or link I can't do it yet, but my username is dustintaps on youtube and it has a bunch of videos. Here's yesterdays session:

Today I deadlifted. If I knew how to deadlift I might be dangerous. I don't so I'm a little better than mediocre. Here's today

405x1, belt on chalked up got to work
455x2, disturbingly heavy
505x3, 10 lbs. PR, video:

525x2, 10 lbs. PR, considered doing a 3rd to tie Jordan but he's all strong and shtuff and had some in the tank so I gived up and left some in the tank although not sure a rep I feel I coulda doubled another 5=10 lbs., 2nd rep felt grindy but moved okay I guess, vid:


Need to up the weight and/or the reps on Romanians because this wasn't very hard.

roar??????????? Took @ 45 mins. benching in 40ish hours not too challenging as written but would like to feel decently fresh for it

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