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Originally Posted by swoleramon View Post
Can anyone trell me the benefits of isolation exercises when you're a newb?
My only disagreement with people about n00bs not needing isolation is in the form of lat pull-downs.

Most people, and especially n00bs, couldn't do a pull-up/chin-up to save their lives. I'm all for negatives and holds to build up some strength, but unless there is an assisted pull-up machine or assistance bands, I think MOST people can benefit from some volume work on the lat pulldown machine.

I'm "decent" at chins/pull-ups, but I still hit up single arm pull-downs once or twice a week since I don't have access to an assistance machine or bands.

Just my opinion....

Editz - As MAB said, lat pull-downs should be utilized after the big compounds have been completed and you've done your pull-up negatives/holds.

There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.
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