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Just Bench 72 is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by gaspers04 View Post
Good start JB, didnt mean to push my training ideas on ya the other
Not at all. Greatly appreciated and welcomed.

2/11/11 - Sleep: 6 hours
Feet Up Bench - 175x8x3
Bent Barbell Rows - 135x3x10

Cardio Complex, 65x5x6:
Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Power Cleans
Bent Rows
Shoulder Press
Good Mornings

Stationary Bike: 15 min (150 calories)
I wanted to bench again tonight but my back was too sore from yesterday's deadlifts, so I did some lighter, feet up benching. The cardio complex is 6 reps of all 8 exercises consecutively, and then 3 minutes rest in between each set.

I will be sore tomorrow.
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