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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Now I am the type of guy that doesn't like excuses. I've never been handed anything in my life, and if I want something I go get it. Everything I have, I've earned.

The eyes are tiny tiny tiny muscles. I don't care how much you're moving them around, that's not going to burn many calories. We have to get off our duff, use the meat between our skulls, and do something about our personal situation.

This is exactly what I believe in toward life, and within personal fitness goals. This is why, when I first began my goal quest about 4 years ago (initially to lose about 40 pounds of unwanted BF and rid myself of back pain), I set some perimeters, that fit my personality.

I didn't want excuses like: Bad weather (bad roads), car wont start, people using the equipment I want to use (if I joined a gym), being around annoying persons, etc, etc. So, I built a home gym; therefore its a battle between me and the gym, and we are one. No extracurricular BS.

If you "whine" and give in (or make execuses) on a consistent basis, it is a sure bet, your body is going to "whine" right back at you and give you a result that is consistent with your "whining". To be your goal, you must think and act according to your goal on a consistent and on-going basis, and likewise, your body will be consistent in rewarding the same.

In addition, I educated myself in the path in which I was about to part take in. Screw excuses, I want to battle my personal complexities to find solutions. I know they are there. I just need to get off the pavement enough to find it.

Stand up, and take control, baby!

Generally, the ones that "truelly want" there personal goals, do what it takes to get the job done, do not make execuses, work within there lifestyle circumstances (such as work, etc), and fit in there fitness goals.

It really helps to have a swinging ball-sack at the ready position.

A person never lacks support and its always personally available. Defeating the mental beasts in which prevents its functional use is the complication.

Screw execuses......they are a KILLER to personal goals.

It's psychologically and biologically within; one has to be consciously aware of it; know how to properly process and utilize it. One needs a big strong hand to reach in grab the soul to express these infinite riches, and the precious gifts received can never be accessed by anyone. You become alive and surrounded by an impenetrable shield beating inside yourself. Strum each finger through your soul, feel with accuracy of what you feel, realize and examine what you perceive.

Investigate, and just for once, comprehend the master. You can't be defeated, not even by yourself.

Excuses will end up defeating you.

The greatest artwork ever created is brushing and painting the power of the soul. It is the greatest personal friendship within your body you will ever possess.

The music created will open the gate of the power kingdom. Your vision becomes clear through this one-way window and nourishes your being as you open the window and view the pictures of life, and realize you have a resolved and impenetrable soul as you receive the lessons of living life.

The anguish and guilt created from generating excuses, will PALE IN COMPARISON to the euphoric high and happiness when one looks in the mirror seeing their personal goal realized.

Squash the personal bugs. No excuses.

When giving advice I try to never enable futility. If I tell someone to get a rack, or a gym membership, and they respond with more excuses I discontinue the conversation.
There does become a point where one is just beating their head on the wall, and not getting the "message" through.

Peace and happiness,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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