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Default Welcome to Powerlifter Dave Ridlen

Dave posted this in the intro thread, but I wanted to post his intro and story in the powerlifting forum as well.

Hi, my name is Dave Ridlen and Im currently from Saint Joseph MO, but hometown is Imperial Ne. I have been lifting as long as I can remember thanks to the legends like Arnold, Lou, Lex Luger, Road Warriors, and others like many of us that grew up in the late 80's. Before I started powerlifting in 09, I was they typical gym rat. Looking in the mirror and flexing and did more talking about bars, girls, stupid crap ect ect ect instead of lifting like we dedicated people are suppose to.....then this happened....

A new chance at life...........
For the past 2 months I was sick from something, couldn’t bend over, neck was stiff, constant headaches; my first doctor said I was just sick but didn’t know what from. Then on December 30th, 2007 my wife found me passed out on the master bath floor. She took me to Urgent Care and they worked on me, got me decent enough to go home and said don’t go to work tomorrow... me being the stubborn one did. Jan 3rd, 2008, my bosses pulled me into the office and said go to the doctor or go home. I went to the doctor’s office and passed out in the examining room. I woke up in a room with a lot of people around me and they said I need some help quick. I had a EKG, CAT Scans, X-rays, more blood drawn then I make in 5 years, tried a MRI, I was too big and claustrophobic. That night at 7:30, I went blind for 4 1/2 hours, which was the absolute scariest moment of my life. The next day, they told me they believed I had Spinal meningitis and needed to get a MRI to help find out the source of my sickness. I was in the hospital for 14 days, 3 tries in MRI (finally knocked me completely out which they didn’t want to do cause of my condition and heart rate), then woke up to a SPINAL TAP!!! I went from 288 to 233 in 23 days, was told I was going to probably not make it by 3 Infectious Disease Specialist, that was nice to hear, and my lifting career would be over if I live. I went home after the first 2 weeks for 4 day, then back to the hospital for 2 more weeks for relapse. I then went home for 6 days, and then spent a day at Liberty Memorial Hospital with Dr. Adiga for more test, the finished up on bed rest for 2 months. It had come back that I had Wes-Nile from a Mosquito bite, the worse type, and should have died, but my conditioning and continued nutrition saved me. I got it back in Nebraska when I was back for vacation to see my family and friends.
Now against doctors’ orders, once healthy for the most part, I went back to the gym in September 2008. They said if I was going to lift, only bench press, no squat or deadlift. It’s been 3 years of pain, ups and downs, many doctor’s office trips and treatments, but now, I am back doing it all. I wanted to do more with my life than just be the "TYPICAL" gym rat, I wanted more now, to be somebody and have a bit fame amoungst my family and friends and something I can be proud of.

I will do my first full meet February 12th in Joplin MO for the NASA Missouri State. I have current American and World Records, many state records all in the raw bench division and plan on breaking some in the squat and deadlift. I was nominated for 2010 Athlete of the Year and became attended the Pro Power Sports meet last October placing 3rd.

Competitions & Placing: 2009-2010
NASA Kansas Regionals (1st place in all categories) Novice, Open, Sub-Masters Pure, Sub-Masters 1 and Team Champions
NASA Natural Nationals (1st place in all categories) Open, Pure, Sub-Masters Pure, Sub-Masters 2 and Team Runner Ups
Iowa State (1st place in all categories) Novice, Open, Sub-Masters Pure, Sub-Masters 1 and Team Champions
2010 Iowa Games (1st place in Open and Over All Champion) New Iowa Games Record with 510lbs bench
2010 NASA PRO PowerSports: 3rd Place over all, 1st place in the Bench Press, Winner of the Tom Manno award for largest bench press.
1st and 2nds and 3rds in many little meets trying to get good enough to get with the big boys!
Nominated for 2010 Athlete of the Year
Ranked 20th in the Country in the 275lb Raw Division on Powerlifting Watch in 2010 and 31st in 2009.

485lb Raw bench- MO state record- Novice and Sub Masters 1
507lb Raw bench- MO state record- Open, Pure, Sub-Masters Pure and Sub-Masters 2
507lb Raw bench- NASA American Records- Pure and Open
507lb Raw Bench- NASA World Records- Pure, Open and Sub-Masters
510 Iowa Games Record Holder

I am currently in the Top 100 Men’s Unequipped Bench Press in the 5th place as of Feb 1st 2011.
Full Name: David M. Ridlen
Age: 36
Current Residence: Saint Joseph MO.
Hometown: Imperial NE.
Organization: N.A.S.A, just joined and will be competing soon in USAPL.
Categories/Divisions: RAW BENCH PRESS
Pro? Y/N: YES
Height/Weights 5’10”/275lbs on season; 290lbs off season

Chest:54 ”
Legs:25 ”
Neck:20 ”
Forearms:14 ”

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