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ILoveLifting is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
Let's assume that I'm more interested in building than athletic strength;
What you are implying (or maybe I'm simply inferring) is that my curls are not sufficiently isolating the biceps?
I could perhaps utilise this loading (or slightly less, given my form in the vid) but in a seated position, to reduce the 'throwing' of the dumbbell?
Don't get me wrong ILL, I like the depth you went to with the list of exercises that assist with athletic strength. But, on inspection, I think I have most of them covered with my present 4 dayer.

Seems as though were on the same page ab.
I was also shocked to read these very very experienced and knowledgeable fellows on this site approve of your vid. Id like to know if their approval was in regard to muscle building. And if the approval was for strength, id like to know what exercise these 'curls' will assist or improve.
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