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ILoveLifting is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
This is something I want to hear more about ILL. Thanks for posting - can you give me some more info on your standpoint?
repped, btw.
I cannot say that I am training for 'athletic strength' per se: I am not sure what I AM training for, tbh... other than mass and power (functional strength) and generally making the most of my genetic gifts.

In regard to the 'curls' - If athletic/functional strength is your goal, time is
better spent doing the following movements:

cable flyes
external internal rotation(top and bottom)
cable lateral pulldowns
diagonal pulldowns
pull ups
along with the standard:
bench press
military press
push press

side lunges
plie lunges
cable attached leg moves.
abduction/aduction rotation
front/back lunges
along with the standard:
squat variation

hanging leg lifts
wood chops
swiss ball curls

If the above is or becomes your goal, emphasis with weight the areas of your body that can put most muscle into action.

If bodybuilding is your goal, those 'curls' are only removing tension from the bis.
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