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Oscar Zaydok is off to a bad start

Current lifts are as follows. All weights in kilograms. Previous PRs in brackets.

Squat 70x8 (60x8)
Leg curl 41.25x7 (37.5x8)
Leg ext 52.5x12 (47.5x12)
One leg calf raise 20x8 (17.5x8)
Cable crunch 63x20 (55x20)
BB bench press 64x8 (63.5x8)
DB bench press 23x12
Supinated grip pulldown 68x7 (68x6)
DB prone row 15x12
Rope pushdown 15.75x11 (14.5x12)
DB incline curl 10.75x10 (10x12)
DB side lateral raise (leaning forward on 60 degree incline bench) 7.5x12 (7x12)

Improvement across the board mostly. I am particularly proud of my 70x8 squat since it equates to squatting a kilo over my bodyweight for 8. This is probably a modest strength level for most people but it's an accomplishment for me, particularly as this time last year I could not walk without a cane and any form of weighted squat was painful. I don't think I can post links or embed YouTube videos yet so I've put the YouTube code below of my achieving this small but personal milestone: QPd6WWnV11E

Unfortunately yesterday I sprained my neck with a non-training related incident. Hopefully it will recover before my next workout.

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