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I have the Rogue Do-wins which a lot of guys on other forums love. They are well made and look good (black and not crazy flashy colors). I use them for front squats and power cleans/snatches. I used to squat in them exclusively but found the same thing that you did, even with low bar squats, they lit up my quads like nothing else. They also really helped with my flexibility of getting deep into the hole while staying kinda tight.

I have since really tried to revamp my squat form, and this includes ditching the shoes for chuck taylors. This is really because the shoes help with sitting down but they were pitching me forward too much when I tried to sit back.

For high bar ATG squats and front squats, they are perfect and I really recommend the Rogues. Anything wider with a shoulder width low bar back squat, flat soled chucks, vans, or nike 5.0s work amazingly for getting the hip drive and posterior chain moving.

2011 Rogue Weightlifting Shoes

They do sell out FAST.
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