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Thought this little story would fit perfect in this thread. Might help some other people with getting tight.

So this past week I have been really trying to work on my squat form with the bar and sometimes with a PVC pipe. I have been scouring the net looking for how to squats, reading and re-reading SS and digging into archive articles on EliteFTS.

Last night I was watching the EFS squat/deadlift exercise index with Wendler. Watching the box squat part, Jim said something really profound that I haven't really though of yet. Something that almost no "How to Squat" article mentions is gripping the bar. Not in the sense of how and where to place your hands, but how HARD you should be gripping the bar.

At like 2am I ran down to the basement, took a full grip, tightened my traps and upper back up, squeezed that bar as hard as I could, unracked it, and did a perfect TIGHT squat. It was like a lightbulb moment for me.

I haven't been able to keep my low back tight especially when doing high rep sets. Just couldn't get it set and once I lost it, it was gone. It was because I was taking a suicide grip and just kinda holding the bar there. Wedging it against my back with my palms. Once I took a full grip and squeezed the life out of the bar. EVERYTHING else just tightened up on command. Perfect set up, and a perfect squat.

I am now a convert.
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