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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Deload Schmeload.

Are you deloading or taking a break?

Deloading is a dual factor training principle. Correct me if I'm wrong. Dual factor training has you pushing until you overextend or overreach, and then you take a deload to allow your fatigue to improve while your fitness remains, so that you come back stronger.

Performance = Fitness - Fatigue.

You take it to overreaching, improving your fitness, but also your fatigue increases. Deloading allows you to retain your fitness while reducing fatigue, so that you perform better after the deload.

Deloading doesn't have to be planned. It also isn't beneficial to arbitrarily plan a deload after a random period of time. A deload really isn't a deload if you aren't fatigued or overreeaching. It's merely a break.

Nothing wrong with a training break. There is a difference between deloading and taking an easy week because it seems like a good time. Just wanted to point that out.
Interesting point, makes sense though...borderline overtrain/overreach and then back off basically??

I just take a solid break but if I'd tried a deload I would have had it all wrong given the context of the above.
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