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IMO, for football, there is no better program than SS. Especially for a raw beginner. He will build the requisite strength he needs and pack on muscle. Have him drink a gallon of milk a day and so SS with no changes, and he will gain muscle.

Rippetoe actually hates Barbell Rows, and certainly never advocates them as a replacement for Power cleans. The clean is a fundamental strength movement for football. Starr used the PC, not the deadlift, as part of his big 3 in his book the Strongest Shall Survive. Which, was a strength training book for football.

I say, put him on the original SS program. Leave out cleans for a few weeks while he gets his deadlift form down, then slowly introduce them back in with very light weights as per ripps recommendation in the book.

If you don't have the book, torrent it. It is essential.

This article explains why SS should be used for beginners:

IMO of course.
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