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Default did my first full body today. . .

well, today i started up full body again. when i first started training, i did full body for about 2 months. i consider this my first full body cause before i was just kinda shootin from the hip with exercises, no particular routine, not really going anywhere, just kinda workin out. i ended up getting sucked in the typical four day split for the next 8 or 9 months. i did see gains but not as good as i thought i could have gotten. so today i started a full body routine. workout looked like so and was performed in this order. . .

squat 1x20
bent rows 3x10
mil press 3x10
bench 3x8
bb curl 3x8
bench dips 4x10
bb calf raise 3x15

overall the workout went great. the week before last i had a stomach bug and than had 3 wisdom teeth pulled out. needless to say, i took that week off from training. last week i got back into it light in preperation for this week. anyways, first few sets went great, i used a weight that was challenging but not really going to kill me. by the time i got to bench, i could barely do my warm up weight for all sets. bb curls i was pretty weak as well. i feel the workout went great except for the fact i underestimated how taxing it was. i plan on not doing squats on wednesday and doing dead lifts instead, and on friday back to squats but changing bent rows to pull ups. just wanted to speak out a little and say thanks to BTB for pointing me in the right direction with the full work out. hopefully as i get adjusted i can complete my lifts a little better and not be so wiped out
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