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Jwood if you are interested in block periodization, I would suggest at least looking into The Juggernaut Method. Its 16 weeks broken down into 4 week blocks. Starts with high volume of lots of sets and reps of light(er) weights, allowing you to work on form and really getting everything tight and locked in perfect for the last few blocks.

The only problem that I would see for you is it is block periodization shoe-horned into a pseudo 5/3/1 type template. but instead of a week of 5s, week of 3s, week of 5/3/1, it is a month of 10s, month of 8s, month of 5s, and a month of 3s. As long as you keep your ego in check and not go for crazy rep PRs, it might serve you well, while not straying too far from what you are used to.

The program's creator Chad Smith, used the program to hit a 1962lb total raw. If you go to EliteFTS, you can see where he started and ended using his program. Pretty solid results. Good luck man.
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