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Default Jwood's Powerlifting Meet Results

This weekend I competed in the NJ State Championships with the IPA, I was a 220 Raw Amateur Junior and I weighed in at 216 plenty of room.

My day started out awful, I did not get a qualifying squat. I could not hit depth I do not know what happened, 450 felt so light on my back but I just do not know. I thought I hit depth on my first, but I was high. I have no excuse except that I allowed myself to get sloppy in training.

So after that I got switched into the iron man division which is just bench and deadlift. So I changed my bench opener to 275 to ensure I got a qualifying lift. I hit 275 easy and then hit 305 pretty well. That is a ten pound meet PR for me. I next went to 320 and got crushed. I was a little happier after this.

Now, deadlift my favorite lift. I opened at 500 and got that pretty easily. Next, I went to 550 and got it with a bit of a struggle. So, for my final attempt I went to 570, I got it off the floor and locked it out but for some reason I got red lights. As far as I am concerned I got the lift, one judge said there was a hitch, but none of the guys standing around saw it. That is ok, 550 tied my current PR.

Overall, not a great day at all. I should have opened up with a lighter squat. this was probably the longest day of my life, I left my house around 615 am and did not get home until 10 pm. There were just too many people and having hours between each event just killed my energy levels. The meet was still a success somewhat, I know what I have to improve on, and I now know what kind of meet to look for, a small one! I enjoyed the day and it was great to meet Bodybygamma and ehubbs, two great guys that know a ton about powerlifting. Thanks guys!!

Now it is time to go back to the drawing board and basically start over. I need to get away from 5/3/1 for a while. Basically, 531 swelled my ego and allowed me just to focus on hitting prs and let my form come second to hitting that next PR. Its all good, live and learn. My training is now going to be in blocks, everything will be a four week block. This should allow me to focus form and strength.

I will start with 8 weeks of Block Periodization, from a chart. After that I will do a 4 week block of westside, and then a 4 week block of a bodybuilding split. That is my plan for now, things change.
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