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Originally Posted by Kyle Aaron View Post
I don't think that's true.
I agree about the old and new model.

My point is more about the industry in general. Everyone, from e-book peddlers to countless websites, are trying to sell complexity as the key to "re-igniting" gains. Or complexity of diet.

The industry is so clouded by what is needed for steroid training that they don't have a clue that a natural who has made good gains isn't going to re-ignite much of anything. (Muscle gains, not talking strength)

If I tell someone that once they have made good gains during their first 2 years, assuming they have actually trained correctly and made these good gains, that the well is fast running dry and the best thing they can do is stay the course and remain persistent, most won't buy what I'm saying.

I know this firsthand, because I work in the natural industry and talk with elite natural bodybuilders each day. When I talk natural limits, or about how muscle confusion to re-ignite muscle gains isn't going to help them much, they either walk away, laugh or mock me. Very few listen.

I think realistically very few want to buy my message. This is the simplicity I am referring to.

Basics - I just don't think there are many who want to work hard using basics. We now live in a society where people are use to solutions for every need. When they don't want to work hard, they seek an easier, more pleasant solution.

In general the amount of people who are actually willing to listen to my gospel of hard work with basics isn't what it was during the 1930s to 1960s. Most people don't care about my message because it's hard work. There are a thousand gurus on every corner, and they will move on until they find a solution that feeds them the product they wish to buy.

So I do believe my message of simplicity and basics and realistic natural training approaches wouldn't sell many magazines. Out fast food culture wants neither hard work or simplicity. Simplicity is seen as dinosaur age, when viewed by the technology-driven modern mind that sees complexity as improvement and evolution. Hard work is an outdated concept.

So here I sit with my concept. Most seasoned, hard-working naturals don't want to buy it because it limits their muscle growth and we live in a feel-good era that doesn't want limits. And on the other side we have those that don't want to work hard, so they will ignore my message and look for something else to buy.

All in all, I feel my message won't sell many magazines.

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one...

That's why you see the same articles published every 18-30 months in Muscle & Fiction. The same people aren't reading it so they won't notice it's a repeat.
Try every 2 months. I get them because of my daughter's school subscriptions and it's the same type of cover headlines month in and month out. "Get huge fast"...

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