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Originally Posted by MuscleandBrawn View Post
Welcome to the forum C.A.B.

Feel free to share some tips. Would like to hear how you approach training.
Thanks M&B

How I approach training. Simple, training has to support performance. If it doesn't, then you are wasting time and energy. If you have no specific performance measure in mind (not a competitive athlete) then I believe it is wise to train in a manner that allows you the most complete level of fitness possible. Like Crossfit talks about competancy in 10 areas of fitness, I think they are right on. If you aren't going to specialize you should aim to be a jack of all trades. Just my opinion, of course. Training this way will support overall health, while specialization truly doesn't. Think of fat powerlifters, bodybuilders that lack flexibility or can't run a mile, strongmen that subject themselves to repeated injury trying to move something that isn't interested in being moved... you get the point.

To the average trainee we should be looking to induce strength, conditioning, flexibility, healthy body composition, etc through means of stress but not DISTRESS. Big difference there.
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