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Originally Posted by bwys61 View Post
I have a lever that I lift all day in my studio.

Also, I have a huge-ass slosh pipe that I enjoy carrying when I have the time and/or are not feeling nauseated already
I have two slosh pipes... but have yet to make one with the right weight. I think the bigger of my two has about 35lbs of shifting weight in a 6' x 4" pipe. The smaller is closer to 25lbs. The weight shift is there, but it isn't like you have to fight it like hell to keep from getting dumped on your side.

I would be curious to hear how big you made yours. These "little" guys are good for training overhead squats or step ups, as it forces you to make some dynamic correction to body position and balance, but it lacks the punch that something like a chain yoke has for core stabilization.
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