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It looks like I am late, but hopefully you have not already competed but my advice...

Are these maxes powerlifting style? with a pause (Bench) and complete lockout (Deadlift)
Bench 265
Dead 435

If so cool, I would (this is basically the typical tried and true advice)
have your opener with something you can triple any day of the week, and I mean any day any time.

Get a solid first attempt in, then build from there.
this is for an example
GYM 1RM (powerlifting style 355lbs)
1st attempt 325
2nd attempt 30-360 depending on how you feel that day
3rd attempt 365+ Go for a new record

Now these attempt are based on you getting each one before hand. If you miss your first attempt I would NOT jump up alot and try for the second. You have more to lse this way, I would redo the first attempt and if you hit it perfect then jump for a new PR.

Now if your bench record is a touch and go, depending on your tie before the comp I would see what your pause type bench numbers are like, I would not max out on it but I would see what the difference is.

Hopefully this makes sense to you, feel free to pm me on here or contact me on facebook.
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