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Default Dealing With Early Hours and Lack of Sleep

So i made an admittedly stupid decision last night while trying to gain some brownie points at my new job. They needed a new truck guy starting next week and since I have prior truck unloading experience I agreed. Well come to find out, since Panera opens at 6am, I need to be at the door and ready to go by 3am. So I need to be up by 2am. This is only Monday and Thursday mornings though.

Right now working nights I wake up at about 9ish and get plenty (9+hours) of sleep. So the questions are,

1. How is this really going to affect me lifting?

2. If I get 7 hours of sleep before hand then lift right after I get home will it really be a huge deal?

3. Is there anything I can do to help overcome this? Like eating more?

Thanks for the help guys. This forum is awesome.
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