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Default Jwood's Final Review of K-otic

I would like to once again thank everyone at AAEFX for allowing me to test this product and thank them for another great product!! This stuff was really great definitely at the top when it comes to pre-workout formulas and I have taken a lot of them.

Final K-otic ratings

K-otic Ratings
1-Strength/Rep Increase- 10 I hit a ton of PRs while using K-otic. I hit multiple squat and deadlift PRs throughout my time on k-otic. My strength always felt great even when I was tired and adjusting to my new work schedule.

2-Size/Weight Gains: 5 I do not think that a pre-workout product will do much for size gains. While on this product I maintained my weight right around 220. This is what I wanted to do, but I was able to gain a lot of strength while staying the same size for the most part that is a huge plus.

3-Sustained Workout Energy- 10 Always gave me good energy but never jittery. Clean energy without a crash and that is perfect for me. This product kept me focused on the weights kept me motivated for big lifts. K-otic was there when I needed it and then after the gym I was able to function normally. Some products keep you jittery for hours, but not this one.

4-Pumps- 9 I am not a big believer in training for a pump and I use mostly low reps in my training. But whenever I did high rep pullups or direct arm workouts I got a great pump from k-otic. Also, got a good pump in my legs on speed squat days.

5-Side Effects- 8 some days k-otic did bother my stomach at the beginning of my workout. It did not bother me much, because it never really affected any of my lifts, just felt a little queezy at points.

6-Overall assessment- 9, this is a great product. I will probably never give a product a 10 because there are always things that could be better. The taste was not great, some people like it but it was just not for me. This is now either 1 or 2 on my list for pre-workout supplements. This is a great product, from a great company. I will be buying this product in the future and I recommend it to any one that wants to train hard on a regular basis.

Another thing I did was vary the dosing amounts with the intensity of my workouts, this worked great for me. A half serving worked well for easier workouts, still gave me the boost I needed to train. I really enjoyed using this product.

Once again thanks to everyone on the site and thank you to AAEFX for this opportunity.
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