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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I guess it all boils down to a lifestyle for me.

The average person doesn't want a fitness lifestyle, or clean eating on most days. They want a quick solution, be it a workout or quick fix diet, and then dream about returning to life as is.

I think it's rare (maybe 10-30%) to see the average person, at least the ones I deal with on an average day, want both a workout and a smart and healthy eating approach.

Most want a workout for maximal fat loss, and while I'm sure they realize that some cutting of calories will be involved, it appears to me that they believe the workout to have a much greater degree of importance.

That was me for many many years. I tried to out train a bad diet, and always felt the "routine" in the gym was the issue. It never was. Diet is the key. I lost 88 lbs doing nothing more than dropping pop, natural sugars and processed foods. I do have very good portion control, but in a short period of time, those "new" portions are all a person needs. IOW, retrain your body to the new lifestyle, and do not let you stomach be the boss.
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