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mstott25 is off to a bad start

21 January
400m Warm Up, stretch
300m - 50.78 seconds
300m - 49.60 seconds
400m - 1:34 (I was smoked after the first two 300m sprints!)
2 mile cooldown

I was planning on doing 3x300m sprints. I had no idea how exhausted I would feel after that second sprint and so I decided just to run 400m as fast as I could which obviously wasn't very fast. I went into the 2 mile run afterwards because I wanted to be able to finish the run after I was smoked from the sprints.

I was extremely pleased with my time. The fastest I've ever run a 300m sprint was :45 seconds and I have not run the 300m in months. I guess the sprinting I've done combined with the deadlifts and squats has really helped me maintain that. Today I was just hoping I could run 300m in less than :55 seconds.

Tomorrow morning - Pics, Calipers, Weight!

Anybody know if it's best to take caliper measurements in the morning, evening or both?
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