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Default 2011 Transformation Contest

The 2011 Muscle and Brawn Transformation Contest

This year there are no bulk or cut categories.

Muscle and Brawn is looking for the most dramatic body transformation in a 16 week period. 3 winners will be chosen!


* The 3 winners receive $150 gift cards at the M&S store

How It Works

* You can enter anytime between NOW and May 25th, 2011
* You have up to 16 weeks to complete your transformation
* Take 3 starting photos of yourself, and include the current day's newspaper. The 3 photos are: side, front and back relaxed, all holding the newspaper with the date visible
* Start a transformation log here, and include your 3 photos
* Log must be started NO LATER than 24 hours after the photos were taken
* Your transformation period of 16 weeks starts from the date you start your transformation log
* At the end of the 16 week period place your after photos in your log - you have a 72 hour gracce exceptions!

The winners will be announced no later than October 1st, 2011!


1. You must submit the required after photos within 3 days of the end of your 16 week transformation period.
2. You must be over the age of 18.

Transformation Logs

Transformation logs must be started here:

2011 Transformation Contest Logs Forum

If you win here, and have also entered and ran a log at M&S (includes submitting ending photos), you will win an extra $50 from MAB!

Transformation logs do NOT have to detailed.

At minimum all they need is the required starting and ending pictures.

This will allow those of you who run other logs (incuding fullbody challenge) to keep those logs going.

Taking Photos

Before you can get started in the Transformation Contest MAB requires that you take three before photos. MAB will be screening these photos to ensure they meet the requirements listed below.

Photo Requirements:

1. Photos must be high resolution and clear. Minimum resolution of 640x480.
2. Photos must include a newspaper with the date clearly visible.
3. Photos must reveal your physique head to toe.

Photos that are dark, blurry or low resolution cannot be accepted and we will ask you to take these photos again before you can enter the contest.

Required Before and After Photos:

The following photos are required to participate in the Transformation Contest:

1. Front photo
2. Back photo
3. Side photo

Required Photo Examples:

The following 3 photos are good examples of how to take your before and after pictures. Note that the date on the paper is clearly readable in the full size photos.


Questions? Ask them in this thread.

Ready? Go!
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