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mstott25 is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Looking at the progress you've made so far I have no doubt you will hit your goals.
Thanks Steve!

January 20
Squats: 185x10; 185x10
Deadlifts: 225x10; 225x10
Dips:10, 10
Pullups: 8, 7
Overhead Press: 55x10; 55x10 This was too easy...seemed like 65 was pushing it on Tuesday but today this just felt like nothing. I'll go up to 65 again.
Shrugs: 225x8; 185x10
BB Curls: 70x10; 60x10
Calf Raises: 315x10; 315x10 (performed them on leg press machine)
Reverse Crunches:10, 10

The idea was to loosely follow Casey Butt's progression scheme while using the exercises I like most. This week and next week are supposed to be easy and I really didn't have enough experience to judge what would be easy or not especially in the 10 rep range hence some of the fluctuations with weight.

Next week I'll just repeat what I did this week except for I'll do Mon-Wed-Fri. I'm going to keep doing some type of cardio/sprint/HIIT work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We'll see if I need to adjust or not based on my recovery. My main goal is to get to 15% bodyfat and stay there while increasing my strength, if cardio interferes with my strength workout I'll just have to keep a close eye on my bodyfat % and adjust with diet or whatever, I'll take it as it comes.

Saturday morning I'm going to get some pics taken, weigh myself in the AM when I wake up and test my bodyfat with calipers. I saw an article BtB posted for Carl1174 regarding calipers so I'm going to use that to measure (I already have some calipers).
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