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Just finished my first 'complete session' of the Classic Reeves (so thats one entire week). This was the hardest thing to get my head around the fact that the weeks work is the 'session' as a previous firm believer of the split scheme it was an alien though to have the weeks work as the session as the split just takes each day and focuses on battering the muscle for that day. This is the beauty of a fullbody and the essence IMO of why it will work so well. You are training the body as a unit as a whole as it is meant to work. In the real world you dont just use the arms/back/legs or any other part, you use your body. The full body routine embraces that and works with it, rather than against it. Even with the limited number of isolation moves thay have there place, but are part of a bigger picture, or a total ideal. Not 'Im gonna curl myself into oblivion cos i want big guns'. it takes the body, works it all hard, over three session to give you your complete workout. That i think is the crux of the matter and why they are successful. Everything gets worked in proportion to eveything else. the body wants to grow as a unit, so work it as one.

As I said previously I was almost ready to throw in the towel on training untill this site, BtB, GL and this routine came along. I did however have some big questions to ask of the routine, and of myself, without answers i knew it would be all over. My first concern with the routine was that i was 'only' doing 3 sets for legs and other body parts But it is actually 9 sets of squats over the complete session. i have never done 9 sets of squats before. As everyone will concur they are the best leg movement, so why do a split and do 3 sets of squats, but then do 6 sets of other substandard exercises like the leg press etc... Same with chest i was worried that the chest wasnt gonna get worked hard enough (especially as it is the part i want most growth in), but again not only do i do 9 sets of bench, but I also do 15 sets of dips (arent the dips the 'upper body squat') you see where i am going here...

The volume is enough if worked to maximum capacity. FACT

The second question was 'well i have always done splits, all the big guys in the gym do split so they must be the best'.. ( I have even been told by a moderator of another site that 'fullbodies are useless if your goal is muscle gain')... So i was a little concerned that maybee i wouldnt get the size gains i so desperatly want. One week on the fullbody is enough to convince me splits arent the be-all and end-all of growth. The progresion is such that you could continue just on the basic classic routine for a while and still get fantastic gains and push yourself further and further. Plus there are numerous examples of it working, and working well for natural trainees, why should i be any different ?

If you are progressing and eating then you will grow. FACT.

Finally as someone that has swapped and changed routines of late , looking for that special something that will get be good gains, and becoming bored quickly with everything that i tried. Would this just be another fad that i would get bored of. Honestly though its only a week in to it so obviously my enthusiasm is high, but I cant see how you could get boerd of it. It is so adaptable and evolutionary that cahnges can be made without ruining the crux of the routine, you dont have to change all the days you work around or the split that you are on to get gains, you can tweak and add bits, take bits out etc, but the heart of the routine will still be the same.

You wont get bored on this routne, you cant get bored on this routine. FACT.

Its almost like the routine has a life of its own and I am sharing its journey. It has been around for decades and it knows what its doing. Believe in it and trust it, dont mess with it or think you can change it for the better. It has answered all my questions and then some, it has reignited a spark that i though was gone forever and has me aching and battered in all the right ways, but still has left me wanting, needing more.


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