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mstott25 is off to a bad start

Hey Big,
Thanks for the advice!

I'm sorry I didn't make my post very clear, my workout is a full body routine which I put in bold to make more clear. I'm doing a full body split (A&B) three times a week.

The attachment I added is what my friends at work want me to start doing with them, I did a routine similar to this (bodypart split) back in 2006 and again this year with this same group of guys for about two months and I did not notice any marked improvement in strength or physique. I'm still pretty new at all this but noticed the biggest changes in my strength and physique when I stuck to full body strength routines. I experimented a bit the past 10 months of working out and decided to really focus on full body routines with the goal to gain strength and keep my bodyfat to 15% (which I'm not even at now).

Hope that clears things up, I do appreciate any feedback I receive on this forum.

*Edit: Big - I do appreciate you critiquing that program because like I mentioned, I'm still pretty new at all this and I could tell the guy I work with was thinking I'm an idiot when I tried to explain why his program wouldn't work for me. It looked like far too many exercises for the same bodypart when I'm not even very strong at the major lifts yet. I'd much rather spend my time building up my triceps with Press, Bench Press and Dips than all of the other tricep work. So I really do enjoy hearing the feedback from more experienced lifters around here and it sounds like his plan was indeed too much volume and not enough focus on the major lifts.

Originally Posted by BigFiveFive View Post
Some advice, heed if you like. This is what im here for.

Lose at least 2 days of abs.

On biceps and triceps please dont do more than 3 exercises. No need for 6, thats insane. 3 in my opinion is pushing it, but 2-3 is efficient.

Also referring to number of sets, anything over 4-5 cut down to 4 or 5, honestly more like 3-4 since youre training 5 days a week.

And I know you stated you were going to add squats, please add other leg exercises as well that target quads and glutes, these are important.

In general its a good routine for any beginner or experienced lifter, along with saying that, both types of lifter would just be doing too much with this routine. Try cutting back on some exercises. Aim for 3-4 with 2 compound and 2 isolation with any large muscle group. and Keep small muscle groups around 1-2, sometimes 3 for lacking body parts.

And the abs thing, cut out Tuesday and Thursday please.

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