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mstott25 is off to a bad start

Abbadon, Carl - thanks guys! I've been following both of your logs so it was great to hear from you.

I'm going to try to keep up some sprint work on my off days.

19 January 2011
400m - Warm Up
10x100m Sprints (as much rest as needed between sets)
400m - Cool Down

Tomorrow's workout is going to be:
Deadlifts 2x10
Dips 2x10
Pullups 2x10
Overhead Press 2x10
Shrugs 2x10
Reverse Crunches 2x10

I'm probably going to add squats in as well since this is only my second (and last) workout this week until I get back on Mon-Wed-Fri Routine.

I work with a few guys (all of 'em are bigger and stronger than me as well! well definitely not as strong in Squats and Deadlifts but that's because they never do those lifts) who are all putting the pressure on me to do the same workout as them. If I can figure out how to attach an Excel document I'll show you what it looks like. The most experienced lifter out of the bunch looked at my routine and said that's way too much for a week and I'll never recover especially if I'm doing sprints in between workouts. He doesn't like squats 3x a week - I told him I've done bodybuilding routines before and they do absolutely nothing for me, I don't get bigger or stronger. I'm respectful and courteous, I'm sure it looks stupid when he's way bigger than me and has competed in competitions before to disagree but he is a freak, the guy is just naturally huge and my body does not respond like his.

Anyways - definitely plugged into this routine for at least the next 12 weeks but that's really when I just begin - I'll be adding weight to the bar or reps each week and I'm sure I can keep this routine up all year long to reach my goals, so no distractions for me even if it's from big bodybuilding co-workers. By the way - I work on a military base so we all hit the same gym at lunch time.
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