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Default 1st Year....Go!

All right, this is my first training log. I started working out March of 2009, went back and forth between a few workouts and slowly began to discover what worked and what did not for me. This year I'm determined to get stronger while paying attention to my physique. My goal is to do the following by December 31, 2011:

2011 Goals
Squat: 365 for reps
Deadlift: 405 for reps
Bench Press: 245 for reps
Overhead Press: 165 for reps
Be under 15% bodyfat while increasing strength!!!

My strongest lifts Dec2010/Jan2011:
Squat: 285x5
Deadlift: 315x5
Bench: 190x5
Overhead Press: 120x5

These goals might seem modest, hell they might be modest, but I'll be stoked once I reach them and if I get there in six months then I'll keep pressing ahead.

BendtheBar gave me some advice in another thread and I tweaked a program that was basically a combination of what I read from Casey Butt and Stuart McBride and what I had been doing with Starting Strength. I'm going to be following a full body routine split, A & B workouts, three times a week and basically increase the poundage as Casey Butt suggested in his beginner workout article. The first two weeks are supposed to be easy and I'll only be working out 2x this week, finish up the easy week next week and then start increasing the poundage. I'm coming from Starting Strength and haven't done more than 5 reps on any consistent basis so today I was feeling out what weights I should be at, keeping in mind that it's supposed to be easy this week.

1st Workout:
18 January 2011
Squat - 185x10; 185x10
Bench Press - 155x10; 135x10 (adjusted after first set)
DB Row - 55x10; 55x10
Overhead Press - 95x5; 65x5; 65x10 (I thought 95 would be easier...I was wrong! I didn't want to give up with the first set of 65lbs and I feel like I have a pinched nerve in my back right now, stupid but not a huge deal)
Stiff Legged Deadlift: 225x10; 225x10
Curls: 45x10; 65x10
Standing Calf Raises: 225x15; 225x10

Took last week off, I left work Monday and was sick in bed with a high fever for three days, figured it was some fluke virus. After that resided I realized my throat was killing me, went to the doctor and he said it was strep throat. I feel fully recovered but I don't mind taking it a little easy this week and next, I was sick too many times in December and January so I'd rather be back to 100% then go through what I went through last week again. Looking forward to getting on with my workout now.

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