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Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
What i dont understand is the people that want to get to 5-7% body fat who arent competing... IMO there is really no point, sure if you are a model and doing a photoshoot or about to compete then great, but other wise i dont think being below7%bf is a healthy place to be. The fitness industry gives us pictures of people at that body fat and everyone assumes thats what we are supposed to look like all the time, not even realising that most competitors are only ever at those very low bodyfats for a few weeks of the year.

I personally think a solid 170-180lbs and 10% bodyfat would be an attainable and more importantly maintainable. One thing i love a bout this site is the focus on looking likethe classics and having the same kind of goals as them...

Functional Strength, Great Symmerty, and above all Healthy...

Id take that over a 5% bf every day of the week

For a start, this fact of yours I have placed in bold is not known to be a fact by all the people seeking it. The idyllic body type the general public is exposed to is not just found in health and fitness magazines; it's EVERYWHERE!! Selling clothes, cars, cologne, fkn sneakers and iphones!

You name it, I've seen a guy with a lesser body fat percentage than I have fingers selling it.

I've been at the point where 5% body fat was my goal, and I believed I reached it... and became very very unhealthy because of it. At the time, I had no idea that maintaining a body fat of around 5% was NOT manageable. I did it for several weeks, and (to cut a long story short) wound up in hospital.

I was a victim of lack of information. Just like sooooo many people out there. The only difference was I actually stuck with it; got there (the wrong way) and paid the price.

I still empathise with people who think it's attainable.

The second part I've emboldened is also what I like about this site; it's about REAL gains, and REAL expectations. Hard to come by in this roided-up field, and it makes me happy to be a part of it.



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