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Default Regarding a few questions you had/

Direct hamstring work.

What I would do to add hamstring work is this. Drop the AB's as the final movement, and instead do a 2x12 SLDL on Monday and Wednesday. If your really wanting to do some leg curls, then I would do the SLDL on Monday, and do leg curls on Wed.

However, I would work the program as it is written until you are firmly established into the routine. Progressing into the full intermediate version of the program addreses this. I find that working squats 3x week in this fullbody format hits the hamstrings hard, and they really only requrie a little extra work to finish them.

Squat weight progression

You have already built up some good strength levels on squats. I would still start light this week, and just work straight sets so you can get a feel for the workload. Then you can start to work your sets up in weight, in moderate jumps to find a good comfortable worksets that require you to push, yet allow you to complete the weeks worth of work.

Remember, it is not just the one session you are looking to complete, it is the weeks total volume of work. The load and deload you asked about is covered by the gradual rep increase, and then deload. It is important to progress, but not take huge jumps, and stall your progress.

When I was getting back to this format I did a 3x10x135lbs 4x week to conditon again for the volume of work to come.

I now work my squat sets increasing weight to the top set. I work the first set to 12 reps first, then the 2nd set, and finally my third set. I generally keep my first set at 12reps right now, as I have not increased it from the 135lb opener number. I reduce reps on the 2nd, and third set, as I add weight to those sets.

Woud look like:

1x8x205, subsequent sessions
1x9x205, 1x10x205, 1x11x205, 1x12x205

1x8x170 added weight dropped reps
1x8x210 added weight dropped reps

1x9x170 reps climbing
1x8x210 hold steady

1st again
1x10x170 ect

1st again

1st again
1x9x210, 1x10x210, 1x11x210, 1x12x210

At some of the lower weights, you may find that you can actually increase both the 2nd and 3rd set reps by one rep each session. Thats fine if you can, but you will reach a point where getting that one rep is really going to be work. When you have reached that point you know you are pushing hard at the right intensity. One rep each session equates to a lot of addtional work for the whole week.

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