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without knowing more about your training experience, I can't provide information that is specifically beneficial to you.

But I would like to offer some info and quell some suspicions.

Firstly: The is nothing wrong with soy. I cannot use most dairy products, so I supplement with soy protein isolate. As long as:
a: you are in a position to benefit from an isolate
b: you know how to make the most of it
then soy PI is almost as good as regular old whey; don't write it off.

I've also used pea PI - another vegan/vegetarian friendly supplement which is considered even better (more bioavailable) than soy. It's only the price that keeps me from using it more regularly.

Secondly: If eggs, milk and cheese are ok with your owner, then you shouldn't worry. Do a little research, make sure you're getting your X-grams of protein each day, and you'll be fine. Hell, there's many protein-rich foods (like beans and chic peas) that are just all-round GOOD for you, so deriving your daily protein from these sources is a generally great thing to do!

Thirdly: Meat is king. Sorry, but I have to say this: if MY woman tried to change my diet, there'd be no more MY woman. Splitsville. For a start, I know way more about healthy eating than most vegans/vegetarians I've come across... and that's really not saying much.
Don't assume what she's into is going to help YOU, and YOUR goals.



Axle clean-press: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
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Farmers walk: 240 kgs (530 lbs), 50 feet
Front squat: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
Log clean-press: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
Strict OHP: 85 kgs (187 lbs) 3 reps
Tyre flip: 260 kgs (573 lbs), 100 feet
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