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Originally Posted by BigFiveFive View Post
I do warmup sets with everything, hell Ill do full isolation workouts before going hard on a compound lift.

Main purpose is this, it "awakens" the muscle group so-to-say, get the blood pumping and sort of "preps" it. Let's use an analogy, its 10 degrees F outside in the morning and you hop in your car to go to work, start it up, pull out of the drive way and stomp on the gas, your car pukes on itself and takes what seems like days to get up to the speed you are wishing to go. This would be like laying down on the bench press throwing 80% of your 1rm on there and expecting to rep it out 8 times cold, probably not going to happen, and if it does its going to wear you out, i promise. However if you would have went outside earlier and warmed your car up for a little while I wouldve performed the way you wanted it to, because the gas was flowing, pistons warmed up and firing, etc. Same with lifting, warm up your muscle groups, let them know the big weight is coming.

There's a very good pyramid system that someone came up with I remember that is often used to reach the weight you want to achieve while working rep ranges and max lift attempts, seen it awhile back, cant find it now, maybe someone will come up with it for me.

But personally, I will warmup as i feel needed, my max bench press is 360lbs, if Im working up to that my rep range will never exceed 8reps and I will slowly (10-15lbs) increase weight from somewhere around 225-250ish to reach my max effort attempt, as weight goes up, reps go down.
Useful analogy - I get the point.
Originally Posted by ILoveLifting View Post
Abbadon, personally, it takes me many warm up sets and even a couple at very heavy weight inorder for my cns to be ready for max or near max effort with even heavier weights. In other words, if i didnt warm up thoughly, my working sets would suffer. I wouldnt be able to lift as much.

Wendler suggests 3-4set. Louie simmons believes in even more. I would much rather error on more than less warm up.

Forgive me if i have misinterpreted your post. Time for bed. Eyes lids are falling.
Nope, you got it mate. I haven't read any of these well-known books on training, so I didn't realise warmup sets were so commonly used and important. I've never used them myself.
Originally Posted by strkout35 View Post
I use warmups sets. If you really want to see how important warmups are try this:

One week when you're benching throw a weight on the bar that you think you can do sets of 8 with (or whatever weight you would usually use). do your workout with that weight. then next week when you bench again use the same weight but this time do a few warmup sets beforehand. see how your performance compares and how you feel during/after the set.
Thanks - this is the only way to really know, I guess. I will do this.



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