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Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
I've only recently started using one warmup set prior to my first bench press, as a friend who's been lifting for some years (and is a seriously smart guy generally speaking) advised that I start doing this if I was going to be lifting heavy weight on a regular basis.

I probably don't get the science behind it, and so would like some elaboration. But I've always viewed warmup sets as akin to a general 'warmup' ; stretching with a little cardio. You either do one or the other.

Plus my attitude has been; if effort is used to move the weight, you're wasting your strength. Full potential should be kept for the proper sets.

On the other hand, if the weight being moved is not heavy enough to really affect your full potential - what's it's use, if a warmup (some cardio and stretching) has been performed?

So my questions are:
Who does warmup sets?
What is their main purpose?
How many sets/reps and how much time should be spent on them?

Abbadon, personally, it takes me many warm up sets and even a couple at very heavy weight inorder for my cns to be ready for max or near max effort with even heavier weights. In other words, if i didnt warm up thoughly, my working sets would suffer. I wouldnt be able to lift as much.

Wendler suggests 3-4set. Louie simmons believes in even more. I would much rather error on more than less warm up.

Forgive me if i have misinterpreted your post. Time for bed. Eyes lids are falling.
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