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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I lost weight that rapidly once before and dropped quite a bit of muscle, as I;m sure you can imagine.

I'm not convinced of it being the cause after only 3 weeks. I also don't consider any consistent progression to be slow.

My personal goal is to gain a rep on a lift 3 out of 4 weeks each month. This has served me well over the years, and took me from a small-boned young man into a fairly strong adult.

Also, sometime strength gains are more than a muscle strength issue. Sometimes your connective tissue needs to get stronger, sometimes your stabilizer muscles, and sometimes your overall conditioning needs to improve - as can be the case with a fullbody approach.

Casey Butt, who is the modern expert on fullbody approaches, has said many times that the transition to a fullbody can take a while, and that the CNS (central nervous system) needs some time to adapt to the specific demands.

I've experience firsthand CNS shutdown on many occasions, and now realize that it can have a big impact on strength gains. So my point is this - give a fullbody 2-3 months at minimum. In a perfect world I would like to see every give it a 4-6 month chance so that they can adapt, and allow their CNS and conditioning to catch up to the specific demands.

I don't want to pressure you to stay on this style of training. There are other approaches I like, such as John Christy's A/B split, and upper-lower splits. But I do think you are making good progress, and that the jury is still out...
thank you for your thoughts and comments.

I like this style of training,so the "pressure" is on my side

interesting, last week i bumped up the weights on the 2x15 days, and it seems that this workload increased adaption again.
On the following M day,I was able to bench 75kg3x8 compared to 70 3x10 last week. that makes me damn happy.

I thought of remaining the programm as u have recommended, if i stall i would DELOA'D the volume and raise the intensity (intensification phase) so one ramped up heavy set on each of the H M L days.

If then i run out, i will cut the loads by 50% and deload for 2 weeks.

then start over with straight sets.

think thats quite sound.
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