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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Nice work Adam. I like the look of that style of training. So Assume your last volume set on 10's is as many reps as possible like Wendler's?

I'll have to take a deeper look at that program. The progression down in reps reminded me of how John Christy structured his reps long term - I think they were 10-8-5-3, but I might be wrong.

Keep crushing it!
Yes, the last set of each day is AMRAP. however, only the last set of the third phase increases/decreases your training max. Usually you add 5lbs for each 1 rep over the standard. So for squats my last set of the 3rd phase will be 225 for AMRAP, 10 is the standard. My goal is 20 reps which would make my training max go from 300>350.

There are 3 phases, and accumulation phase which is high volume, an intensification phase which is a transition from high volume to high(er) intensity, and then a realization phase where you peak and (hopefully) set PRs. After 3 weeks you have a deload week, and then start over again at the next rep standard.
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