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mstott25 is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Those are great exercises to use, and with your lifting experience t I see no issue using them. I would run at minimum something like an A/B split, alternating every other workout:

Or you could just do this:

...Maybe even alternating calves and abs each workout to save some time.

I'm not a big fan on doing deadlifts every day though, so I would recommend either doing them every other workout, or on Wednesday's only. I also wasn't sure if alternating between exercises like rows and pullups was an option...
This looks great.

After last week I agree about deadlifts. I was only doing one set of deadlifts in Starting Strength and the most I had done was 310x5. Last week I wanted to try doing one major lift a day and I did deadlifts on Tuesday - 315x5; 315x5; 315x7. I was shot the rest of the week.

Do you agree with his rep and set scheme, specifically going light 2x a week the first two weeks and then progressing as he describes after that? Or should I just focus on these lifts and progressive poundage from the get-go?

As far as abs - my wife has an ab roller that I like to use. Any problem with skipping abs at the gym and just doing the ab wheel at home?

Thanks for the feedback, we're getting somewhere!
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