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Default For Jesse Espinosa

So, first night of Juggernaut and also the first time for squats in a few months. Didn't realize how brutal 10's could be but stuck it out and had a great session. Have never split upper body and lower body before so it was fun just to go balls to the wall on my legs only.


Deficit Sumo Deadlifts

Reverse Lunges
24kgx10 L,R
24kgx10 L,R
24kgx10 L,R

Legs and glutes are FRIED. Glad I don't have to do this again for another week. Assistance work also calls for Ab work, but we did a ton of abs at rugby conditioning, and I expect to do alot on Wed and Fri.

This may sound cliche but I am dedicating these next 16 weeks to my Uncle Jesse who passed away this morning. He was a 30 year vet of the USMC, was a recon marine and a DI and Parris Island. I'm putting it all on the line in honor of him, who put it all on the line for 30 years. He was truly one of the most bad ass men I have ever met. Rest in Peace Jesse.
Goals for 12/31/11
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