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Default Start the year out right...

I have a few questions about my workout routine...

2011 Goals:
Squat - 315 for reps
Deadlift - 405 for reps
Press - 155 for reps
Bench Press - 225 for reps

I also want to look good at the beach/pool this summer!

Having said that...I want to see how realistic these goals are from you guys.

Quick background: Spent 7 years in the military with a spotty weightlifting history, after being out for a year and sick of becoming a disgusting fat body, I decided to hit the gym. Went through several different routines and plans and switched goals a couple of times. Right now I'm basically right where I was in July of 2010, I just happened to get sidetracked by Crossfit for three months and which turned me into a leaner/weaker/lighter version of where I am today, so I won't be doing Crossfit ever again.

I'm 6'2 ~210 with 7" wrists and 9" ankles and 31 years old. I'm married with 3 kids so every now and again things are going to come up but I don't miss workouts.

My latest lifts (this past week):
Squat - 280x3x5
Deadlift - 315x3x5
Press - 120x3x5
Bench - 190x3x5
Power Clean - 150x5x3

I don't have rubber plates so I think Power Cleans are out for now. I liked doing them but I'm not really comfortable at my gym going much heavier with the iron plates.

I've been experimenting these past two weeks with what exercises I do on which days. I'm really wanting to find a program I can follow this year that will let me reach my goals and stay around the 15% bodyfat range. I don't want to go above that - is this possible? I think I'm about 20% bodyfat right now.

I'm really considering following Casey Butt's beginner routine. BUT I ordered Stuart McRobert's "Lose Fat Build Muscle" and I really like everything I've read by McRobert and heard he has a 12 month routine in that book so I want to get it and decide which program I do.

So here's my MAIN questions:

1). I really love the following exercises and would like to incorporate all of them into my routine: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press, Pullups, Dips, Shrugs...

Can I come up with a program myself using these exercises that will be enough to help me reach my goals?

2). I enjoy running/sprinting. This week I tried to sprint workouts 2x a week in between workout days and I noticed a heck of a time recovering from everything. Not sure if it was the change of my workout or the sprints...would sprints be a good addition to a strength program to help keep bodyfat manageable and build some strength/size?

3). Should I shutup, quit analyzing everything and just follow Casey Butt's program (or any other program)?

Here's some pictures so you guys can see where I'm at. The first picture in the gray shorts is before I started working out. The picture in the cargo shorts is after a month of working out (I was following some men's health program) and the green shorts are from last night.
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