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Default T-Nation bulk/cut and urine

I saw these on a T-nation article and don't know what to think?

"Q: As a nutritionist, do you think it's possible to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously? If so, how would someone do it? The conventional wisdom says you have to add calories to build muscle, and then cut calories to drop fat.

A: According to my friend Charles Poliquin, the whole business of bulking and cutting is obsolete. Here's what he told me: "I can take a 200-pound guy with 20% body fat down to 6% in 8 weeks, with no change in body weight." That would represent a loss of 28 pounds in fat and a gain of 28 pounds in muscle.

You'd better believe there's a catch. He'd have to train twice a day, and this is how Poliquin describes the nutrition strategy: "I usually give them 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, and the carbs come from 10 licks of a dried prune."

Not sure I'm totally in line with that recommendation, but who am I to argue with the master?"

"The idea of drinking your own urine for health benefits is not as insane as it sounds, which is why the UFC fighters you're talking about are hardly alone in their choice of hot beverages."
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